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Trains are the fastest way of getting around Italy

The Romance of Train Travel

The fastest and most convenient way to visit the great cities of Italy is by train. The must-see destinations of Rome, Florence and Venice, as well as the equally important cities of Naples, Bologna, Turin, Milan and beyond, are served by a very efficient network of high-speed and regional services. Even the Italians themselves avoid driving in these towns if they can help it, while travelling by train takes you right into the heart of the action, saving all the hassle and time spent having to transfer to and from airports.

With speeds of up to 300kph you will be amazed at how fast getting from one town to another can be, especially when you consider that you only need to be at the railway station just 15 minutes before boarding. Here are some typical journey times:

We are the only agency in Singapore and Malaysia directly authorised by both Trenitalia as well as Italo to sell tickets for high-speed train service in Italy. We issue electronic tickets sent as email links for downloading, so you can receive them anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. Payment can be made online by credit card and there is no booking fee charged. Not only that, you will also enjoy these advantages:

All this, plus the peace of mind knowing that you won't need to waste any time queuing up to buy your train tickets when you are in Italy.

We now issue e-tickets for regional trains, as well as for trains going to France, Switzerland and Austria!

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Did you know…

…that the carbon footprint of taking a train for one person is about half that of driving a car, and only a quarter that of flying from one place to another?

…and that rail passes are actually a more expensive and a much less convenient option than they would at first seem? Rail passes do not include the compulsory seat reservation required for all high-speed trains, which means that you would have to spend your time queuing and paying for this every time you need to take a train. You might get your money's worth if you make 2 journeys a day every day with the slower trains, but then you didn't come all the way to Italy just to spend time taking the trains did you?

Cinque Terre is best seen by train!

Cinque Terre is best seen by train!

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